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About The Chicks

Our careers as teachers and love for fishing created 2 Chicks in a Boat.   As tournament anglers, we did not start out that way.   We started just like you and learned a LOT along the way.

Now, we teach everyone and anyone about fishing.  We hope you get hooked with us as we share trials, tribulations and even our triumphs through live video updates.

Toss us a line and let us entertain and inspire you as you give fishing a try.  You'll find it is a great way to relax, connect to nature and make new friends.

Plus, you need zero experience to get started! 
We will warn you that once you do, you'll find the lure of fishing to be that one thing that you love to do year round.



"Life is better when you fish!"



When I was 4 years old, I caught my first fish while on vacation with my family in Maine. While holding it up for the camera, a big bird came down and snatched it out of my hand. Luckily, I wasn’t turned off from fishing, but I’m not a big fan of birds! As I got older, I used to head to the local pond and creek to fish after
school with my neighborhood friends. There was the occasional fishing trip with my dad to a local reservoir but that usually ended up with me and my brother skipping rocks or playing 'kick the can'. I remember in 6th grade we had an end of the year picnic, I carried my rod and one lure, the Hula Popper, to the pond where we had the picnic. The boys in my class thought I was crazy and said I wouldn’t catch anything on that lure. Well, before we had our lunch, I proved them wrong as I reeled in a bass that weighed over 5 pounds! All of a sudden, I was “the girl that caught a big fish”! I continued to fish throughout the rest of my schooling, but it took a backseat as I spent the majority of my time practicing and playing basketball which, I played all the way through college. 

I am blessed to have been able to follow my dreams and goals throughout my life. One such goal was to be a teacher and a coach. I can proudly say that I have been teaching for 31 years and coached basketball for 20 years. As my teaching career is winding down, I find myself ready to pursue more dreams of mine. I hope to officially obtain my 6-pack Captain's License and start running fishing seminars on the water. To keep the competitive side in me happy, I want to continue to fish bass tournaments and get involved in some ocean tournaments as well.

Keep checking back and see how things progress!


I grew up fishing with my family, it was an activity that brought us all together. My Dad would always take us fishing after dinner on Sundays to a local reservoir. We had one mission…to catch the largest bass! Instead, we would catch bluegill, crappie, turtles, and of course…my Dad’s hat right off of his head..haha!

I live in Westerville, Ohio and moved here after attending college at Ohio State. I have been teaching for 15 years and absolutely love my job! I teach Adapted Physical Education (APE) which means I provide specially designed physical education to children with special needs. The icing on the cake for me is that I am allotted field trips every year, and of course one of those
trips is when I get to take my students fishing! It was not until later in life that a spark ignited and a true passion for fishing emerged. All credit
goes to my friend, Lori. She always insisted we rent a boat or take a trip that involved fishing.


One day we both realized we could get to better spots on the lake if we just bought a boat…so we did! We fished all the time and were eventually asked to fish a local bass tournament. Now we can’t stop competing! In 2015, I became a member of the LBAA, competing as a co-angler. I was terrified in my first event because it was the first time I fished without my teammate. I have to admit I was super spoiled because I never took a fish off the hook when I fished with Lori. The best part for me fishing that first event was not catching any fish, because I had no idea what I was going to do if
I caught one! Four years later, I have more confidence and experience and can do it all on my own. With that said, I have been blessed to bring home some LBAA hardware and “cash a check” as Runner Up on Kentucky Lake in 2016; 3rd Place finish on Kentucky Lake in 2018; and 2018 LBAA CLASSIC 4th Place finish on Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas.


My goal in the future is to become better at reading electronics and gain more experience with driving the boat in rough water. One of the best things about the LBAA is the opportunity to stop and look at how many women are together learning, laughing and competing because we all love one thing...FISHING! It will always give me goosebumps!

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